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Welcome to the official tribute to Burnin' Rubber 4! Go ahead,.. trash the city with all powerups imagenable!!Defend your base from oncoming forces of evil! Join Sniper Team, the elite combat squad that must save the world!Your home planet of Helios is under attack by Vrag forces.Year 20XX, after the Apocalypse, war continues to rage among men and machines... a new war to claim dominance of what is left of the fallen world.Welcome back to the radio-active wasteland of Chernobyl. Destroy all mutant species!Clear this former research facility of all human and sub-human zombie creatures.How long will you survive? Blast the zombies with your hellstick and collect health and ammo where you find them.Use your gravity boots to reach the end of every level in this first person game!Collect Rockets, Bombs, and Nitro to battle opponents through 4...Grab your assault rifle and suit up for this intense fire fight!Command a squad of marines in this 3D tactical battle game.Compact 3rd person shooter